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Meet Filmmaker And Photographer Mike Muikia



Meet Filmmaker And Photographer Mike Muikia

Mike Muikia is a filmmaker and a professional photographer who holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication and Public Relations degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The 30-year-old is also the founder of Xperience Media Studio, a film agency in Kenya.

Mike shares his career journey.


“I was born in Naivasha but spent my childhood in Subukia, Nakuru County. I am the second born in a family of three siblings (two sisters and a brother). My childhood was really fun. I started my learning at Subukia Primary School. I was an average performer, and I loved drawing and sketching. I could draw the teacher on the back page of my exercise books and present it to my classmates, who would be thrilled.

I joined Kieni High School in Nakuru for my O’Levels, and in 2012, I joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) to pursue Communications and Public Relations.

While at JKUAT, I got an opportunity to spend part of my academic time in India for my industrial attachment. I was attached to a media department at Asia Plateau Training Centre in Western India. My job was to create audiovisuals for the online audience and help coordinate an internship programme.

During that period, I was introduced to remarkable professionals in the film industry, and I developed great love for the camera. When I finished college, I created my first film (Musical NAYOMI) and released it in March 2014.

I started a film studio in 2016 along Thika Road, and this has grown to be something fulfilling. I recently released my second short film, The Last Letter, which is available on YouTube.

Through the years I have been in the film industry, my key driver has been the state of today’s world. I want to be part of the solution and not the problem.

I have first learned to build mutual understanding with every stakeholder, which has profoundly created one principle; even if the other person is wrong, it doesn’t mean that I am right.

When it comes to people who have influenced my career, my parents come first. I was raised with the notion that nobody will ever make big or small decisions for me. My father was a disciplinarian and is still keen on how I carry myself. My mother has been an all-time inspiration. She tells me to always look beyond my interests.

I have had numerous business partners in various endeavours, and even though I can’t mention them all, my mentor Steve Kimaru remains a friend and one of the truest people I have known. I would not have started a studio without help and input from Steve.

I have had my wins, which I celebrate, like having my latest film premiere and screen at IMAX theatre. My modern studio is also an accomplishment I am proud of as I compete with bigger players in the film industry.

Every day I enter my studio, there’s a film to be edited, a script to brainstorm, and a photoshoot to be planned. It’s a shoot-edit routine for me. Music videos are my favorite; here, the challenge of screenwriting, capturing emotions, and coming up with something fascinating is not a thing for lazy people.

The camera is my obsession, and it’s either a film is good, or I did not shoot it. The film industry is very competitive, and there are opportunities for camerawork, lights for film, make-up, directing and photography, among others. As long as I can do any, I’m up for the task.

To the youth, first remember there’s no luck in life; it’s the extra mile in every endeavour that counts. One has got to push themselves because nobody is going to do it for them.

Second, the pressure of ‘kuomoka’ costs young people lives. Shortcuts mean easy come easy go. I don’t know anyone who made it in life and happily built something out of shortcuts.”

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Jalang’o Still Open For a Radio Job Despite Lang’ata MP Win, “Why Not?”



Jalang'o Still Open For a Radio Job Despite Lang'ata MP Win, "Why Not?"

Lang’ata MP-elect Phelix Odiwour alias Jalang’o has announced some changes in his career following his win in the just concluded General Elections.

The media personality has already relinquished his popular YouTube channel, Jalango TV.

Jalango Tv is now in the hands of my team but once or twice ill be doing high-profile and political interviews. I will also use it to showcase the different projects we are doing in Langata,” said the former Kiss FM radio presenter.

Jalas, who also doubles up as an emcee and club promoter, has also had to give up his clubbing gigs.

He announced the changes in a detailed post on social media, answering questions from his fans. One of the questions read: “Will you still be hosting club events and club appearances?”

To which Jalang’o responded: “NO! My new job comes with a lot of responsibilities and time for clubs might not be there anymore.”

The comedian is however still open for a radio job but on the condition that it ends by 9 am. Jalang’o said that while Lang’ata is his priority, radio remains his love.

“For now Langata is my No. 1 priority! Delivery of our manifesto and the promises we made to the electorate. Radio is my love and if I get a morning show that ends by 9 so that I can make it for bunge(parliament) on time then why not? I know many MPs who still do their jobs and deliver for their constituency,” Jalas said.

The first-time lawmaker will also keep doing advertisements and commercials.

“[I will still be doing a lot of advertisements] We will actually be now working with the young people of Langata in concept development and filming! I want to train as many young people as possible in our resource centers,” Jalas said.

He also outlined a demand to corporates seeking his services that they must support a community project in Lang’ata.

“For me to be a brand ambassador of your product you must commit to take up and support a community project in Langata!” he wrote.

Jalango further noted:

We have already started talking to our different partners on how we can work together in different projects like Mwananchi credit where I am the brand ambassador are already committing to sink 20 boreholes in Langata.

“There is more value when you lift a community than an individual, I want to use my talent and connections to help uplift Langata!” He concluded.

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Ruto’s Message To Public Servants Who Were Forced to Take Political Sides



Ruto's Message To Public Servants Who Were Forced to Take Political Sides

President-elect William Ruto addressed public servants who backed Raila’s presidential bid telling them to keep off politics.

Speaking during the inaugural meeting of Kenya Kwanza elected leaders on Wednesday afternoon at Karen, Ruto termed public servants’ involvement in politics as an abuse of office.

“I am asking all public servants who have been forced to take public positions in the just-concluded General Elections to step back and be professional public servants and serve all Kenyans equally,” said Ruto.

Ruto said under his administration, all public servants will be required to leave politics to political players.

“Public servants from the top town to the chiefs and their assistants; we will be expecting them to serve people equally without favouring people on the basis of their political affiliations,” he said.

“Political business will be carried out by political actors. Political parties must organise themselves and their structures. Members of the public service will not be available to carry out political work for any political party. It is the only way we can have a government that delivers.”

Ruto at the same time assured that; “We will be running a democratic, transparent but accountable government.”

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CS Magoha Apologises For Offensive Jokes: “Nobody is Perfect”



CS Magoha Apologises For Offensive Jokes: "Nobody is Perfect"

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has appeared to say his goodbyes to Kenyans as his tenure in the Jubilee Cabinet administration comes to a close.

The outgoing minister spoke on Wednesday, August 17, when he commissioned phase two of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) classroom at Mwangaza Secondary School in Kayole, Nairobi county.

CS Magoha apologised for any of his jokes that may have offended the public, saying nobody is perfect.

“I want to thank you for having walked with me and having taken the good, the bad and the ugly side of me because that is a human being.

“There is nobody who is perfect, I believe that in order for me to be given the opportunity to serve in this capacity it was purely by the grace of God,” Magoha said.

The CS noted that his job required him to be firm, and in the process, he may offended some people.

“It has not been easy to be the CS for education and in order to move things forward. I have been very firm and sometimes extremely firm and in between the firmness, I have cracked certain jokes. I want to say without any fear of contradiction that that if any of those jokes went the wrong direction, that was not the intention and my apologies to the public. There is nobody who is perfect,” he said.

CS Magoha mentioned he had fulfilled his mandate.

“I respect everybody from the lowest to the highest. I get my courage first from God and second from Starehe Boys Training Centre. We are eagles and we fly high, and are not afraid, and we deliver as eagles even if you don’t like us.

“If during that process we looked as if we were arrogant, then we seek your forgiveness, but not that we are about to change. Eagles keep on flying and when the eagles are flying, they just disappear in the air, is what is going to happen to us.”

CS Magoha said he is keen to finish the last phase of the construction of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms across the nation by the end of his term to ensure a smooth transition for his successor.

“We are now at 75 percent which leaves us with a tough nut to crack of about 1,200 classrooms. I strongly believe that we shall be able to complete the classrooms so that whenever the new CS takes over he finds that he has a smooth place to start from.”

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